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TenX Charters - Our Boats

TenX Charters operates two boats - our 23 foot Contender (for parties up to 4 guests) and our 31 Regulator (for parties up to 6 guests). Our boats are powered by reliable Suzuki and Yamaha outboards that are meticulously maintained and serviced every 100 hours by Certified Outboard Mechanics. Captain Jeff Haley makes the safety of our charter guests his #1 priority and has outfitted both our boats with all the highest level safety equipment, including:

-Viking Inflatable Life Rafts
-EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons)
-Type 1 Offshore Life Jackets
-Fire Extinguishers / Flares
-Garmin inReach Devices (Handheld Satellite Communicators)

Both boats are also equipped with the top of line Garmin GPS/Sonar units with Advanced Relief Shading technology to ensure we put our charters exactly on the spots where the fish are biting. Our boats are perfectly set up to maximize your fishing experience and get you back to the dock safely regardless of conditions.

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